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Source: DE/PA-AA/R14086
Central register: 1915-A-23232
Edition: Genocide 1915/16
Date of entry in central register: 08/06/1915 p.m.
Embassy/consular serial number: K No 79/B No. 1553
Translated by: Vera Draack (Translation sponsored by Zoryan Institute)
Last updated: 03/23/2012

From the Consul in Aleppo (Roessler) to the Reichskanzler (Bethmann Hollweg)


K No 79 / B No. 1553
Aleppo, 17 July 1915

Your Excellency, I have the honour of presenting some information, which has been passed on to me, which gives a picture of the inhuman manner in which measures passed by the Turkish government are being carried out against the Armenians.

1) In Djerablus, a corpse was washed ashore. When the military Kaymakam there was asked why he did not at least have the corpse buried, since the Koran stipulated burial, he replied that he could not determine whether it was a Moslem or a Christian. (The genitals had been cut off the corpse.) He would only allow a Moslem to be buried.

It is also reported from other places that burials have been refused for Armenians who have died in the villages.

A procession of Armenians, which reached Aleppo on the 14th inst. after having been underway from Hadjin for four weeks on a most arduous march in the burning heat, carried 12 corpses with it.

2) In the Vilayet of Diyarbekir, a Kaymakam was given verbal orders on the procedure against the Armenians. He refused to carry them out if they were not repeated in writing, whereupon he was dismissed and murdered on the way to Diyarbekir. At first, I only received this news from indigenous Christians, and for this reason I had deferred it. Now it has been confirmed to me by a very trustworthy Muhammendan source. Not one, but rather several public officials were supposedly killed, because they did not act mercilessly against all Armenians in their district.

3) Some women who were transported through Aleppo hid their young children under blankets here and left them behind in order not to lead them to their probable deaths or certain misery.

4) Numerous women gave birth along the way and suffered greatly, also due to the brutal treatment by the accompanying troops. Newborn and other young children were left behind along the way, as has been reported from all sides. A high-ranking Muhammedan took in two children who had been left behind in the desert to the east of Tell Abiad, thus saving them, although he will probably get into a lot of trouble on account of this.

5) Small pox has broken out among a troop of Armenians, which just passed through Der Zor. The sick suffered terribly under the burning rays of the sun. Nothing was done to help them.

Another troop, which passed the Baghdad Railway east of the Euphrates River, is suffering badly from dysentery. One of the public officials in the building department sent a railway doctor to help them, while the government is not taking care of them. Typhoid has broken out among the refugees in Aleppo.

It is becoming ever clearer that the orders for the harshest and most merciless implementation of the deportation decided on by the government must be put down to Fakhri Pasha and comes from him.

Otherwise, it is reported that among the population of northern Mesopotamia and in the Vilayet of Diyarbekir pamphlets have been distributed which agitate against the Armenians. It seems that there is even an attempt to present their distribution as coming from the Germans, an attempt which is made easier because pamphlets have been distributed by the Germans.

I am sending the same report to the Imperial Embassy.


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