abbr.abbreviation (gk.)
DEDeutschland (Germany)
DuAJohannes Lepsius: "Deutschland und Armenien (Germany and Armenia) 1914-1918"
DuA-rrevises Version of "Deutschland und Armenien 1914-1918"
e.g.for example (z.B.)
etc.and so on (u.s.w.)
FOForeign Office
HSH.His Serene Highness (Seiner Durchlaucht)
i.e.that is (to say) (d.h.) the present month (d. Mts.); in the present year (d.J.)
MPMember of Parliament
PA-AAPolitisches Archiv des Auswärtigen Amts (Political Archives of the Foreign Office)
resp.respectively (bzw.)
rev.revised (re.)

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