Foreword to the Manipulations

To a large extent, the diplomatic files published by Johannes Lepsius in 1919 under the name of "Germany and Armenia 1914-1918" do not correspond with the originals. They have been greatly abridged to some extent, while in other parts the wording has been changed. If you wish to obtain a detailed overview of these manipulations, you will find the necessary documents in this part of the Internet edition.

The first part of the list gives an overview of those parts of the documents, which were not printed at all in the files published by Lepsius in "Germany and Armenia".

The files, which are then listed give those passages in italics which were deleted in the Lepsius edition. Changes in the text, which distort the meaning have been indicated by means of square brackets. For technical reasons, the original text has formed the basis in some of the texts, while in others the text from "Germany and Armenia" has been used. Lepsius edited many texts without changing the meaning. These passages have not been specially indicated. Entire documents, which were merely edited by Lepsius are also not included in this list.

The original wording of all the files published in this Internet edition are to be found solely in the actual section on the documents.

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